Heat Treatment

Normalise, Temper, Diffuse, Anneal & Stress relieve


  • Our heat treatment services are available to external foundries, forges and round bar merchants
  • Normalising – Up to 8 meters long
  • Stress relieving – Sizes up to 8m x 3m x 1,5m
  • Annealing - up to 8 meters long
  • Solution heat treatment of aluminium forgings

Deep surface salt bath hardening


  • The of the item is run through heated molten salt and then undergoes a water quench.  
  • With this process, we are able achieve hardness of 45 to 55 rockwell up to a depth of 50 mm  
  • Ability to salt-bath alloy steels such as 709M40, 817M40 and 826M40 
  • Items which require deep surface hardening include lower rollers for large excavators, crane wheels as well as stacker-reclaimer wheels



  • 3 straightening presses with the largest exerting 200T of pressure enables us to straighten round bar from  Ø25mm-Ø650mm
  • Reeler soon to be commissioned which will speed up our service time

Oil and Water Quenching


  • Top hat furnaces and tanks enable us to oil and water quench bars up to 7,3 meters long

Oil Quench